New Construction & Remodels

Most of our residential projects are custom homes and remodels. We are actively involved with a wide range of requests from designing carports to planning ranch and family compound sites. Whether small or large, each project is carefully designed and is supported with accurate detailing and knowledge of both city and county code requirements.

Custom designed homes take on a personality all their own. They invite you into the space by view-ways and walk-ways that are most enticing. Both environments, outside and in, provide a space for reflection, privacy and comfort. The client's needs are the priority. Well defined interior spaces give home owners transition and easy movement throughout the home. Each space offers a sense of openness as well as comfort. Setting and site planning are crucial for the successful designing of any home. Architectural Alliance Inc takes care to incorporate the natural surroundings into all aspects of the design process. Designing a site plan that utilizes the terrain and maximizes views is of primary interest to your team at Architectural Alliance Inc. Santa Fe's mild climate invites clients to extend their living spaces into the outdoors. Spacious, comfortable rooms are achieved through creative window placement and variant interior roof designs.